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State-of-the-Art-3G Pitch

We’ve been banging on about our “state-of-the-art” 3g pitch. So here is what all the fuss is about

Polytan UK in partnership with Velocity Sports, we’re excited to support Surfacing Standards Limited with the football stadium conversion for Uxbridge Football Club. The brief was all about quality and professional performance. We had some awesome reference sites using our LigaTurf football range of elite synthetic turf systems, like St George’s Park, Liverpool Football Club and Young Boys of Bern in Switzerland. We proposed our latest product within our professional range, LigaTurf Next.

LigaTurf Next, like the name suggests is our latest innovative NEXT generation of synthetic turf, manufactured with performance and longevity in mind. Young Boys will be playing this season’s Champions League fixtures on the same turf, and as a result Uxbridge Football Club can be proud of their new 3g football pitch, as it will rank highly as one of the best pitches in the country…….and in my opinion, THE BEST!

Ashley Appleby

International Sales Manager

Polytan UK Limited


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